Get ready for middle school and high school volleyball season or work on skills with NC Power’s training program.  We will host our annual 6-week Fall Developmental program at Proehlific Park from August 7 to September 18.  Sign up through Proehlific Park’s website.

Individuals must POSSES the skill/experience/knowledge prior to registering for the appropriate level.

Level I – Already familiar with volleyball basic skills group (overhead serve, good passing skills, understands court positioning)
Level II – Player possesses good overhead serve, excellent passing, understanding of 6-2 & 5-1 offense. Focuses on position training and team offense and defense.
Beginners/Emerging – Beginner players with no to 1 year of recreational play. Will work on proper volleyball techniques, such as proper foot work, proper passing, proper setting, proper hitting and serving over hand.

Dates: Aug 7 – Sept 18 (Skipping Sept 4th)
Times: 2:00-3:30 pm Emerging / 3:30-5:00 pm Level I and II
Price: $85 Non Member, $70 Member