League Play!


We are putting together an indoor league at Proehlific Park, and space is limited. Open to Level 1’s and 2’s Proehlific developmental clinics, JO Players, beach, high school and advanced middles school players. Below is the info:

• 3 sessions: Sept. 10, 17 & 24
• Time: 5 pm – 6 pm
 Fee: $15 for all 3 sessions : Players must be able to come to all 3 sessions • Deadline for reply if interested is Sunday Sept 3 and late replies is Monday Sept. 4 at 5 pm.- you will get a confirmation email if accepted.

Interested players send your first and second playing positions via email to : ncpowervb@gmail.com

Teams will be matched up for competitive play with coaches running multiple offenses/defenses.


Individuals must POSSES the skill/experience/knowledge prior to registering for the appropriate level.
Beginners/Emerging – Beginner players with no to 1 year of recreational play. Will work on proper volleyball techniques, such as proper foot work, proper passing, proper setting, proper hitting and serving over hand.

Level I – Already familiar with volleyball basic skills group (overhead serve, good passing skills, understands court positioning)
Level II – Player possesses good overhead serve, excellent passing, understanding of 6-2 & 5-1 offense. Focuses on position training and team offense and defense.

FALL 2017

Season: Aug 6th-Sept 17th (Skipping Labor Day Weekend Sept 3rd)
Time: 2-3:30pm Beginning/Emerging 3:30-5pm Level I and II
Price: $85 Non Member, $70 Member