NC Power – Strong Performance at Queen City 2/1 – 2/2

Congratulations to the NC Power teams for a strong finish at Queen City. Leading the teams was the 16s Black with a 2nd place finish out of 29 teams. Both NC Power teams playing in Open division finished strong with the 15s Black finishing 3rd and the 13s Black finishing 5th. Other strong finishes include the 15s Blue and the 14s Black who finished 3rd and 5th respectively.
Great job teams!

16.1s Queen City 2nd 2.1 2.2

16 Black – 2nd/29
15 Black – 3rd/16 (Open)
15 Blue – 3rd/31
13 Black – 5th/12 (Open)
14 Black – 5th/34
17 Black – 7th/17
12 Black – 19/20 (13s)
15 White – 24th/31