Below is the paper work we need before you try-out. Make sure you have all this ready!


1) $45.00 NON-REFUNDABLE tryout/facility fee

  • (cash or check payable to NC Power VBC)
  • $40.00 Non-Refundable tryout/facility fee for Early Registration (This option is for the parents/players who submit their paperwork during Open-Gym Times instead of Try-Outs)

2) Club Deposit Check $500.00 (paid to NC Power VBC)

  • $500 deposit is kept if player accepts the bid to play in our club and the team forms.  The deposit can be returned or shredded by us if the player chooses NOT to accept the bid, did NOT get an offer, or if the team does NOT form.  In other words if you end up NOT playing for us at all this season you can get your deposit back or we can shred the deposit.
  • Rest of payments will be due January 15 and February 15, 2015
  • Boys and 11U Girls will need a $200 deposit check.

3) Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Please bring a copy of THE PLAYER’s birth certificate.

4) Proof of USAV membership (copy of membership card or membership paperwork)

  • Register at the Carolina Region Website
  • Computers and assistance will be available at tryout and open-gym, but registering online prior to tryouts is recommended to save time; this membership is necessary to cover each participant with USAV insurance for tryouts

5) USAV Medical Release Form

6) Participant Code of Conduct Form (Will be on your USAV membership page)

7) Try-Out Form

  • Try-out form is in Microsoft Excel Format. Please fill out all areas in pink. If you need help, please come to an Open-Gym day.
  • When choosing a picture, please use one that most resembles the player during try-outs days. Avoid group photos, glamour shots, or anything picture where we can not recognize the player.
  • This is the form we will use to evaluate players. This will let you know exactly what we are looking for!
  • A section has been added on from previous years asking if you want to be on a travel team if selected. Travel teams require more of a commitment and the club fees will be increased.